Most of my reviews are done for free, but if you would like to hire me to write a longer review, here’s what you need to know.

Please make sure you’ve read my review policy. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.


10 minute episodes: $2/episode
20 minute episodes: $5/episode
40 minute episodes: $10/episode
1 hour episodes: $15/episode

Important things to note:

  • A paid review will still be an honest review.
  • The release date for the review will depend on the show’s length and will be discussed after you contact me for review.
  • Full reviews will include the same things as unpaid ones (star rating, who I’d recommend it to, etc.) but will be more detailed, including my thoughts on the characters, world building, plot, acting, editing, music, etc., rather than just one or two things that stood out.