Want to be promoted in The Podcast Dragon? I currently do two types of promos:

Marginalized creator fundraising

If you’re a marginalized fictional podcast creator and you’re currently trying to raise money to make your show, I will promote you in The Podcast Dragon. The fundraising can be Patreon/ko-fi/indiegogo/etc. Patreons and ko-fis will be promoted on a cyclical basis, while indigogos and kickstarters will be promoted for the remainder of their campaign.

To get this promotion, email me at or message me on Twitter @pillowcreek with some basic information about your show and a link to your fundraiser.

New & Upcoming Shows 

I currently do not do reviews for shows under five episodes (episodes 20 minutes or longer) or under ten episodes (episodes 10 minutes or shorter). If you want me to check out your show before then though, send me an email at with:

  • A basic description of your show
  • A list of any potential triggers
  • A press kit (if you have one)
  • A link to your website and social media
  • Anything else you think it’s important for me to know!

and I’ll let you know if I’ll be able to listen to it. If I like it your show will be mentioned in the “New & Upcoming” section of a future newsletter. Please read my review policy before emailing me.