The Podcast Dragon is a bi-weekly audio drama newsletter delivered straight to your email via tinyletter. It includes mini reviews for episodes that have come out in the last two weeks, a full review, and recommendations of new and upcoming audio dramas. Each issue includes either a ramble about current events in the audio fiction community or an interview with a marginalized audio drama creator. If you would like to subscribe, you can add your email to the list here.

The Podcast Dragon is run by Drew, a 23-year-old English major from Canada. It was started with the goal of being a review service for the casual audio drama listener (run by a not-so-casual audio drama listener) but can be enjoyed by new fans and old alike. Drew hopes that their newsletter can be a positive force in the community, and aims to spread love to as many audio dramas as possible.

The dragon art in the header is done by Sam Miller.

Disclaimer: The Podcast Dragon is not responsible for your decision to stay up all night listening to a new show. That was your decision.