Review: Sidequesting


That wizard isn’t a problem. What’s your obsession with him anyways? Stop asking.

Disclaimer: While this is a requested review, all thoughts expressed below are 100% my own.

Sidequesting follows Rion, an adventurer who is determined to avoid the main plot of this story. They travel their fantasy land, helping all those in need: provided their problem isn’t the wizard terrorizing everyone. It’s not? Then Rion’s your new friend and helper.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a big fan of character. If your characters are boring, or rude, or unappealing, I’m not going to listen to your show. You need to hook me with your characters, and you need to do that quick. Sidequesting focuses on Rion, who is a loveable and sweet lead. They’re a nice change of pace from the usual “hero who wants to save the world” adventurer, and feel a lot more real because of it. Each episode introduces us to new characters for Rion to help out, expanding the world. While not every character we meet is likeable, they all feel realistic and interact with Rion in interesting ways. No two episodes feel the same, even while the show keeps a familiar tone and feeling.

The problems that Rion helps people with range in size more than you might expect from the description. Sometimes the problem is just helping someone find something that is missing, and sometimes it’s helping a town break a curse. No problem feels too big for the show though. Sidequesting promises to avoid the main quest, and it does just that. No problem is too small, and no problem is too world ending.

Overall, Sidequesting is a fun adventure story about what we miss along the journey. I would recommend it to fans of Inn Between or We Fix Space Junk.

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