On Finales: The Magnus Archives 160: “The Eye Opens”

Now this… this is how you build up to a finale. The episodes leading up to “The Eye Opens” is its own separate story, yet is connected enough to feel like this was all one big finale. However, there’s enough distinction between each episode that I stayed on the edge of my seat the entire time and felt like yeah, those did need to be their own separate episodes.

I’ve seen a few complaints from fans that “The Eye Opens” felt too abrupt and there was not enough time for the characters to process the events of the last few episodes. But I think that’s the point. So much of The Magnus Archivesis about the characters not being allowed the time to process the trauma they have endured before new trauma is foisted onto them. As fun as it is to talk about how we just want Jon and Martin to look at some good cows and process the entities that are slowly killing them, that’s not the reality of their situation – or many people’s.

Despite that, The Magnus Archives kept some optimism in their finale. I find “The Last” to be a good example of this. “The Last” says that there is never no hope. That you are never truly lost. That those you love are never truly lost. That there is a way to win. That someone will always come and find you. It is remarkably hopeful for a show that features someone stapling meat to their walls. And that is why I think that The Magnus Archives will someday have a good ending. Maybe not a happy ending. I think that “happy” is too simplistic a term for a story that has always included loss and fear. But I think a good ending is entirely possible. And can we really ask for more?


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