Review: Welcome to Tinsel Town


A Christmas show for the (slightly after) Christmas newsletter!

Disclaimer: While this is a requested review, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

After making a wish on a Christmas star, Holly finds herself in Tinsel Town, where it’s Christmas every day. But things begin going wrong almost as soon as she gets there, and she soon ends up stuck. Holly teams up with her new friends and tries to figure out what went wrong before she’s banned from ever celebrating Christmas again.

Welcome to Tinsel Town is a charming story that uses the imagery associated with pop culture’s view of Christmas (candy canes, toy solders, polar bears, etc.) to remind us all what Christmas is about: coming together with loved ones to celebrate, whatever that celebration means to you. Holly wants to return home so that she can be with her family. The central conflict (spoilers!) hinges entirely on being able to be close to loved ones, as Holly wants her mother to be happy on Christmas and her mother is unhappy because her own mother can’t be with them during that time.

Welcome to Tinsel Town promotes itself as being a show that is not only family friendly but meant to be listened to with your family. It’s the perfect show to listen to with young children of a variety of ages, as there’s something there for everyone. The main complaint I hear from parents is that a lot of “family friendly” shows are dumbed down and aren’t meant to teach their children and end up being boring for themselves to enjoy watching with their kids. Welcome to Tinsel Town doesn’t fall into this trap. Every character is complex and meant to challenge what we think about Christmas in popular culture.

Welcome to Tinsel Town is a short, cute story that will have you looking forward to relistening next December.

I would recommend Welcome to Tinsel Town to fans of shows like Pixie or Flyest Fables.


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